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Maldives has always been a favorite destination for couples. Be it a honeymoon or any romantic occasion, Maldives has always attracted people from across the globe. The widely spread white sand beaches palm trees across the island and beautiful cottages make Maldives an attractive destination for couples. The paradise of newlyweds is what Maldives is known for.

 Let’s find the top 5 resorts and hotels in the Maldives for a perfect honeymoon stay. Moreover, these resorts and hotels are not only a perfect place for your stay, but they also provide some amazing experiences.

Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives

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Grand Park Kodhipparu is one of the finest destinations for couples when it comes to honeymoons. It is approx 20 minutes from the Velana International Airport. While we are talking about Maldives, It is one of the top resorts loved by couples. Underwater diving and snorkeling are what the resort is surrounded by. Talking about the amenities, this one-island-one-resort has an award-winning SPA and Restaurant. It adds a cherry on the cake for the honeymooners.

Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, Maldives

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Taj Exotica Resort and Spa is one of the most popular and desired resorts for honeymoon. You can also enjoy the touch of modern therapies, yoga, massage, and other relaxing treatments. You and your partner can enjoy the gentle warmth of pleasing weather as you stroll along the soft sandy beach. Treat yourself to delicious Japanese food at the teppanyaki live kitchen. You can also enjoy the skilled chefs preparing your food in front of you. Furthermore, if you prefer, there are also restaurants conveniently located near your villa, offering a range of dining choices to satisfy your appetite. So, don’t hesitate and book your tickets now for an unforgettable experience! And enjoy your honeymoon where Indian culture meets Maldives.

Hide Away Resort, Maldives

Image of Hide away resort

Additionally, every couple’s choice is to have the right privacy at a perfect honeymoon resort. Therefore, if you want your honeymoon to be on a private island, look no further than Hideaway. It is an ideal honeymoon resort, offering a secluded location and an intimate atmosphere that ensures the privacy you desire. The villa resembles a charming crescent-shaped private island. The private pool & beach is right in front of the villa. Moreover, whether you choose a beachside villa or an over-the-water villa, in short, you have the flexibility to visit both options.

Maldives is famous for snorkeling and scuba diving. However, it is worth noting that Hideaway stands out due to the remarkable presence of water animals surrounding the beach.  As a result, scuba diving and snorkeling have become well-known activities at this resort. The food here is one of the most loved culinary. Therefore, enjoying the food from this resort is an absolute must.

Lily Hotels, Maldives

Image of Lily Hotels maldives,

Lily Beach Resort and Spa is located in the South Ari Atoll, Maldives. This 5-star resort is only 25 minutes away from the capital Male International Airport via seaplane. Lily Hotels

has a collection of nine villas with pools, that provide direct access to the ocean. This hotel has four bars where you can have varieties of drinks or enjoy fine Italian dining candlelight dinner is what you must opt for. Thai and Indian flavors at tamarind is the signature dish served at lily hotels which you cannot say no to. Treat your honeymoon to the famous themed buffet nights at the renowned Lily Maa buffet. The best thing you can do is to choose the Platinum plan, as it comes with three complimentary excursions. The complimentary excursions you can pick from are coral garden snorkeling, a fishing trip, a sunset cruise, or a visit to the local fishing village called Dangethi. As you walk around Lily Hotels, you will come across the gym. Yes, this is great news for fitness enthusiasts. Lily Hotel has the best gym where you can exercise while enjoying the beautiful view of the blue lagoon beach. 

Oblu Select Sangeli, Maldives

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The 5-star resort, Oblu Select Sangeli, is situated in the North Malé Atoll, Maldives. It offers stunning views of the blue lagoons along the way as you travel to the resort. It is about 52 kilometers from the Male international airport. You can easily book a seaboat from the airport to reach this beautiful paradise.

Upon your arrival, you will find staves of the resort with a friendly gesture. Make sure not to miss the chance to savor fresh seafood and delicious meat grills. Moreover, vegetarian guests can feel confident that the resort will take care of their food preferences. They offer a variety of tasty vegetarian meals, ensuring that these guests can enjoy delicious food during their stay.

To spend your evening you can head to the sunset bar to enjoy snacks while the warm sunlight is kissing your skin. And if you’re a party enthusiast, you can even dance the night away with music and DJ nights at the resort.


It’s time to pack your bags and visit your favorite honeymoon destination, Maldives. Furthermore, you can experience these top 5 resorts and hotels in Maldives with your loved one.

However, the adventure doesn’t end there, as there are more famous resorts awaiting your visit in the Maldives. The Breathtaking sunset, walking on warm and white sandy beaches, relaxing under palm trees shades, and delicious food are waiting for your arrival.

Therefore, don’t wait any longer if you’re planning a honeymoon trip to Maldives. Your dream getaway awaits!

Ready to embark on a soul-stirring adventure in Maldives?

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